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Honour your True Calling & God’s Timing

By Deborah Bell

(Lead Apostle DGAN Global Network and DGFC churches)

A person (a great man of God) did a post earlier which reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to say since seeing some things on Facebook and elsewhere recently.

We dishonour God, the House of God, and the people of God, when we try to ‘fit’ into an

Office to which we are not called, and even worse when we are not called to one of the

Fivefold Offices to start with.

We are ALL called to something, we must just make sure it’s the RIGHT thing, which is

God’s ‘thing’ for us. But not all are called to be in an Office.

This comes with experience, and being proven faithful in the little things, among other


It is determined by the LORD and confirmed by an overseeing Bishop/Lead Apostle or

Network or appointed Fivefold in that group. We don’t appoint people simply because

they are ‘loyal’. It may be a factor but it’s not the reason.

If a person is not an Apostle, please don’t call them one, unless you know that they have

been genuinely proved in their behaviour & lifestyle (integrity), and that they are called to

that Office or acknowledged as such by other legitimate Apostles, and their covering,

which must also be legitimate, having credibility. Or, that they have been ordained by

recognised Apostles, or close to being ordained into that Office, which would then be

acknowledged by longstanding saints of God.

The Word gives us clear indicators to follow concerning this. When we don’t adhere to

what the word teaches about what characteristics accompany an Office we nullify the

integrity of the purpose for an Office or ordination in the first place!

“In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness” (Titus 2:7 NIV)

The Office of Apostle is the highest Office (no matter what people want to say to play it

down), this is why it must be taken seriously, as it comes with increased spiritual warfare,

more responsibility and a much higher cost because of the very nature of this Office.

It is a foundational Office along with the Office of Prophet according to Eph 2:20, and with

it must come a seasoned person, who walks in integrity, who is firstly called to be an

Apostle /Prophet and fully understands what that means!

If you put the wrong shoes on, you cannot walk properly and eventually you will trip!

‘Wear’ the wrong Office or try to enter it prematurely, and you will do damage to yourself

and others in your care and you will trip and whoever is in your path will trip with you!

The other aspect of ‘putting on the wrong shoes’, or putting on shoes that are ‘too big to

wear yet’, is that it can often create wrong perceptions about this Office.

Why? Because we lower the standard the Word sets out for these Offices when we can’t

handle what they entail.

The word says we must walk blamelessly as Fivefold; it doesn’t say perfectly. So please

hear what I’m saying.

I’m seeing people today being called Apostles that are not! I’m seeing people start

‘Networks’ and offer licensing and ordaining, that are not even themselves ‘qualified’

(because I realise it’s a relative term), to do so!

I’m seeing ‘Prophets/Apostles’ that are not acknowledged under, or submitted to any

covering/Network, lead rebellions because they themselves have gotten into error

because they refuse to submit to any authority but their own.

We just cannot have this going on in the body of Christ. We cannot. There is a higher

standard for the Fivefold and it’s in the Word (1 Tim 3 & Tit 1 & 2).

The Word also says in James 3:1 that not many should want to be “teachers’ because we

will be judged more strictly.

This word ‘teachers’ is not referring to specifically the Office of teacher, but the general

Fivefold and ministering in an Office in the broadest sense of the ministry of the Fivefold


Some of this stuff on social media or the web, is often just a ‘shell’ not real ministries or

they’re ‘cyber ministries’ (Ministers that try to show they have a ministry or Network on

Social media, but in reality there is very little to show for this in real life!) These are ‘built’

on the flesh, not the Spirit.

They are what I call “Empire Builders”, not Kingdom builders.

Too many people are either appointing themselves as Apostles or simply think that they

are called to be Apostles based on a ‘concept’ or idea they think they have, of what that

means. This is very dangerous. (This goes for ALL the Fivefold Offices in terms of self-

appointment or appointments made without proper oversight.)

The first part is being called, but if we are genuinely called to an Office, as I’ve said, people around us that are seasoned will always recognise that calling in us. Sometimes even before we see it! (Be careful that you don’t get into ‘agreement’ with someone just because they think you are an Apostle yet they have no credibility or oversight over you or have had little or no input into your life before. That is a tie connected to the soulish realm, not the LORD.)

Unless you’ve walked with those who have a reputable cover that is proven, (that word

“reputable” can be found in 1 Tim 3:7), don’t call yourself something you are not.

The word says we must be above reproach as leaders.

If this is too difficult for us we shouldn’t even be contemplating ordination. I’m not saying

that means no mistakes; I’m saying we have grace that builds our character to be like Jesus, and be above reproach!

The body of Christ needs integrity and authenticity more now than ever before. If we

‘cheapen’ what the Word says in terms of these foundational Offices we produce

counterfeits! This pulls down the Offices that God has instituted in God’s Word.

Please be careful, Fivefold; do not throw the Offices around or be quick to lay hands on

people that cannot hold the weight of such an Office. Tested and proven first in the little

things. (1Tim 5:22)


Apostle Deborah Bell


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