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Image by Paul Skorupskas

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

As an apostolic centre, we believe in the power of Christ to transform lives, leading all people into the fullness and wholeness of the abundant life to which we have been called, being restored in and through the supernatural power of Holy Spirit. (Saved, healed, whole)

(John 10:10)

Our Mission

To affirm, train, disciple, impart and send every believer into the world, making disciples and leaders; and establishing the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven, through the supernatural power and presence of Christ in the divine order of the Fivefold Ministry ordained by God.

(Eph. 4:11 & Matthew 6:10)

Our Purpose

Our purpose is threefold: We believe all people need to be savedhealed, and made whole.  In other words: we are all “a work in process”. Our objective is to get people to know the saving power of Jesus Christ that came through the precious blood He shed on the cross for all of us; To lead people to stand in the promises of God’s word, to bring healing & freedom through His resurrection power, for all who call on the name of Jesus.


We all need healing from woundedness that comes from a broken world,  (emotionally & spiritually) through the power of the Holy Spirit; and to bring wholeness, through the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit through Christ’s love.

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