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God is Greater in You Than Your Critics!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Amazing how when God’s Spirit moves so powerfully, there are always the critics. Critics are not always a bad thing but be discerning as to where it comes from.

In this case, I’m referring to people, that are used by the enemy, knowingly or unknowingly, to bring a spirit of accusation against the Kingdom of God.

Let me share 7 ways you can break the divisive nature of this spirit of accusation:

1. Discern the source and remember you are an overcomer

If one understands ‘spiritual warfare’ you’ll know that it’s one of the ways the Accuser tries to bring down credible people. Sowing doubt is one of the ways to create confusion. This is why it’s important for every believer to know who they are in Christ, and to their leaders.

The key here is to know the source and to intercede, using the strategies of heaven to discern and pull down the strategies of darkness.

Remember your position in the Kingdom is one of an overcomer in the name of Jesus, regardless of how it looks on the outside. You have been given power through His name to discern and conquer! 2. Keep obeying God no matter what! GOD is greater than your critics! Keep following and obeying what God calls you to do, no matter what. You will always have critics when you have a clear direction as a seasoned leader. You will also always have fruit to show for it. 3. Don’t compromise on who you allow to speak into your life. Choose leaders of substance, who know your journey well. They will speak the truth into your life, not just what you want to hear.

When you allow a leader to speak into your life, make sure they have substance & that you can see the fruit visibly in their lives, in their story and a current manifestation of that fruit in what they’ve put their hand to; especially if it is in ministry.

Hearing and obeying the voice of God through Holy Spirit, and knowing the voice of God through the right people, are crucial during a time of spiritual warfare. 4. Let your actions & words be pleasing to God. For a good leader, it is always more important that our actions & words are pleasing to God, more than our need for acceptance from human beings.

Acts 7:39 teaches us that when we choose not to obey God (because it’s always a choice and it’s a delight for those that desire to please God), we turn back to Egypt, and Egypt becomes more ‘attractive’ than the destiny God has for us.

No matter what accusations come against you, let your actions represent Christ always. Stand on the truth of God’s Word so that everything you do, is pleasing to God.

Acts 5:29 “Peter and the other apostles replied: “We must obey God rather than human beings!” (NIV)‬. 5. Stay on track – Egypt brings a delusion of freedom, not real freedom!

Sadly, when we turn back to Egypt, we are blinded by our choice and spiritually we are consumed and pulled by the forces that reside in Egypt as we gravitate towards it, as our chosen direction.

A delusion sets in, and what was bondage looks like freedom; and what is true freedom in Christ, looks like bondage. Don’t let the delusion take you away from the truth. The strongholds of the enemy can and will blind you to God’s truth if you gravitate or run toward Egypt.

Move closer to God. Trust God, don’t lean on your own understanding but in everything acknowledge God’s way, surrendering to the LORD and allowing God to lead you into truth.

Prov. 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;” (NIV)

6. Renew your mind, so that you know what God’s will is for your life.

Rom 12:2 teaches us that we cannot know God’s will for our life without renewing our mind. Having the mind of Christ is what brings us into our true identity, and when you are sure of who you really are, no seeds of doubt can take root. They may try to, but they will not find soil they can penetrate.

Double-mindedness, coupled often with fickleness, accompanies an unrenewed mind. This is when you see people blow whichever way the wind blows, because the unrenewed mind is without an authentic identity.

Make sure that you’ve received healing, so that your soul is aligned with your spirit; not in conflict with it.

7. Obedience is about aligning ourselves with God’s Plumb-line for our life.

Obedience is never about the law, it’s about knowing God’s will & aligning with it, because you know there’s no other way that will bring true fulfilment to your life.

Ultimately, my choice to obey God above all else does not, and must not, come from a fear or legalism of “have to’s”.

Obedience must come from a heart and spirit aligned with God’s Spirit and Christ’s will for my life, that I come to a place where I realise that there is no other way to live in wholeness and fullness, except His way, in spite of what people or critics might say.

Each of us has a different plumb-line. Being aligned with God’s will is making sure you are where you need to be, on the plumb-line that God has for you!

It’s onward and upward, people of God! Christ is for us, but we must want to go where he is leading us!

To live in God’s will, is to live in true freedom. I choose freedom. How about you?

Blessings and love

Apostle Deborah Bell

Lead Apostle, DGFC & DGAN Apostolic Network

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