(Apostle Deborah Bell, 
Lead Apostle, DGFC & 
DGAN Apostolic Network)

Psalm 133:2 It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard, running down on Aaron’s beard, down on the collar of his robe. (NIV)

If we are too proud, or insecure or carry an independent spirit, to even begin to acknowledge where an anointing comes from, then we cannot receive or appreciate what God has given us.

We also then, won’t appreciate and receive the fullness of the anointing, the DNA, or impartation that comes from those God has put alongside us to help us grow, be it mentors or spiritual parents.

Acknowledging in our head or privately, without sharing it, is like telling your partner, “I never have to say ‘I love you’, just know that I do!”

We will always have our own unique fingerprint, but trying to have one’s own identity without acknowledging the shoulders on which we sit, the influence from which we draw, or the source, is like digging a river bed but having no water to fill it. You are left with a mirage!

It’s like having parents but not acknowledging where you come from.

It may look the same but you’ll have no authentic flow!

article-receive-acknowledge-2Sometimes, people’s insecurities can bring denial. Remember pride is a mask for insecurity.

Sometimes, it’s just simply immaturity. Other times, reasons can be a bit more complex than that, and it can be linked to ego and the need for acceptance among others, that brings the focus inward. There can be a sense that if I give credit to my overseers, I won’t be recognised!

It might sound trivial or crazy to some, but in all the years I’ve been leading ministries I get to see so much of this.

When the ‘I wants’ come before what God wants, we are building empires, not ministries!

The anointing God has placed upon your life is far more recognised when people know the source, being God, and second, the Tribe you belong to.

Never be ‘in the closet’ about what spiritual tribe / cover network you are moulded from and are birthed into, we should be publicly proud of this and desire to share that more than ever.

It forms part of our credibility and enhances our ministries. (Not every leader must profess to be a spiritual parent, it’s not an instant, it comes out of building deep relationship with people.)

article-receive-acknowledge-1If we are spiritual sons and daughters, we also have spiritual parent/s. Remember mentors are chosen, spiritual parents are not: they are given by God!

When we truly submit an independent spirit to God and we realize the true impact that our spiritual mothers or fathers have and have had and will have on our lives, we want to share it, more than this we recognize it’s never about losing our own identity but growing it and enhancing it, through those God has put before us, who have walked the road.

When people, including Ministers, don’t recognise or acknowledge the above, it could be a lack of maturity, insecurity, pride and/or being stuck in a desperate need of acceptance from others.

Give credit where it is due; don’t where it is not.


Apostle Deborah Bell
Lead Apostle, DGFC & DG Apostolic Network