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About the In Worship Conference

The IN WORSHIP Conference is the first ever affirming conference of its kind, birthed by Apostle Deborah Bell, Lead Pastor of DGFC in Durban, SA and Founder of the DGFC Apostolic Network.

This year’s conference theme was “Marching into our Jubilee!”, based on Isaiah 61:1-3. There is a worship shift happening in the body of Christ, which is releasing a sound that enables us to declare what God is doing on the earth today through the Church. We have seen the “waves” of this sound being released in our DGFC Apostolic Network churches and also in many others in the world.

As you watch these videos, you will receive impartation, revelation & activation in every session. As you jump in the river of God’s miraculous presence and anointing, you will be refreshed, renewed, equipped and filled in a new way!