Are you struggling with reconciling your faith with your sexual orientation? This course is for you!

This groundbreaking and revelationary course, written and taught by Apostle Deborah Bell, is now available as an HD download to experience wherever you are!

You will learn:

  • What the Bible really says in the misused “clobber texts”, used by many homophobic Christians, sadly, to condemn gay and lesbian people… and it’s good news!
  • Understand the different definitions & categories of homophobia, its origins and impact, and how to get healing and freedom to live as you were created.
  • You will discover the heart of God’s Word being exposed and correctly divided, as you allow the Bible to speak for itself.
  • Get to hear people’s real stories being shared, of how they came to know and experience God’s love for them as Christians who happen to be gay or lesbian.
  • Learn how to have dialogue, not debate, concerning this topic.
  • Find a place of liberty in Christ as an LGBT Christian, family or friend regarding this topic.

Know the Truth of God’s Word – it will set you free.

This product also includes the accompanying manual in electronic PDF format!

Download in MP4 video format: 22.6 GB