(Apostle Deborah Bell, 
Lead Apostle, DGFC & 
DGAN Apostolic Network)

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.
(Ephesians 4:29 NIV11)

As believers and Fivefold we must talk wholesomely.

When we gossip, we are letting unwholesome talk come out of our mouths. It is a very cowardly & very damaging thing because the person being spoken about is not there to defend themselves!

Gossip should never flow from any believer’s mouth. I’ve seen & heard some Prophets & Apostles, the very Offices that are called foundational, not only gossip, but speak untruths about others to justify some things that they are doing or not doing.

When motives are impure, this kind of talk forms unholy and uncovenanted alliances.

These are alliances where people are not brought together in Christ but because of a fleshly commonality, like ‘opposing’ other leaders or churches. The sad thing about this is that, if we are blinded by gossip, that very gossip can sow seeds of doubt in our minds about people, and pull us away from divine covenants that are God ordained, for our lives.

Often we see gossip coming from the lips of those that are very insecure about who they are, where they ‘stand’ in the grand scheme of things, or their positions and will do anything to protect themselves, yes, sadly, even in the Church.

Be careful then, to whom and what you listen to, friends.

There are some things that must be spoken out among leaders with discretion, that is not gossip but important to share if it will affect someone’s ministry etc. (We discuss this in one of our Governing documents called our Relational Covenant which is available here or under Our Beliefs.)

I, myself, have had times when I’ve had to do this and I know I risk when I do it, but there are times when through prayer and in love, some things must be accurately shared, to the right people.

We need to be careful what we discuss, and with whom we discuss such things, as people can innocently take things out of context, without realising it.We must have an awareness, that what we are saying, and what we are hearing is truth.

article-now-word-heart-motiveWe must have an awareness, that what we are saying, and what we are hearing is truth.

Check the heart motives of those speaking it. Be careful of a spirit of manipulation, which always is motivated by self-interest & personal agendas to ‘build’ ‘illegal’ alliances. (Those that are used in the Church to come against others within in the Church.)

Just to be sure, this ‘coming against others’ is not at all in the context of the Scriptural passages wherein the Epistles Paul teaches in 1 Cor 5 about “expelling the immoral brother or sister…”, that must be dealt with according to the Word and will always cause factions and ‘sides’ no matter how loving one is when needing to do such things, in order to avoid contaminating the rest of the Body of Christ.

The best way to deal with gossip is to avoid listening and speaking it. The next best thing is if you do hear something is to always look at the integrity and track record of the people being spoken about. That should speak for itself and doesn’t need a voice…

Remember the enemy sets up camp within the structures of the greater Church to break down unity and break alliances and covenants that God has ordained.

Be discerning and look carefully at the fruit and the alignments you form in this season. I don’t keep teaching and preaching about the fruit & Matt. 7 & John 15 for nothing! It really is all in the fruit.

article-now-word-gossipThere are some relationships that may need to be cut off, and others that need to be nurtured and developed in this season.

Don’t let the enemy cut in on your race. Our alliances as the Fivefold, help determine our course, as they will and do influence us, and those we decide to align with, will influence our direction.

Why? Because agreement is powerful and those you choose to align with, are those you are in agreement with and are therefore those you are choosing to share aspects of your life journey with.

Choose wisely where God is leading you and taking you in your relationships, covenants & Covering. The grass is not greener on the other side!

This will be very important in this season and moving forward.

It’s not a new word, but it’s a NOW word.

– Apostle Deborah Bell
Lead Apostle, DGFC
DGAN Apostolic Network