devotional-zaiDuring my worship on Sunday, I received this word, and I wanted so deeply to write about a New Expression.

Jesus expressed a love so unconditional for humanity that he died on the cross to save us, and the world. Being born-again believers, we should continuously be living a lifestyle of expression in worship, in love, and obedience towards God and God’s people.

I’ve never been someone who is expressive, because I grew up in an environment whereby I had to remain seen and not heard as a woman.

An expression is an outward display of an inside emotion or feeling. It’s an exaltation! We see David in the Psalms worshiping God without any reservations. He expressed himself naked, and danced before the Lord.

With new hunger comes new fire, and of course a different expression of worship, prayer, and love towards the Lord.

I had to surrender all of who I was before the Lord, in order to receive the revelation of the transforming power from Holy Spirit. My worship was somewhat led by what others were doing, and there was no real emotion that was displayed.

After true and authentic surrender, my worship became expressive, I couldn’t wait to dance, jump and truly celebrate a living God. David also expressed true confidence in the Lord. Regardless of what David was going through, his confidence was in the Lord. I always want to be burning inside for Jesus. I need that new fire every day to release a new expression.

I don’t want to be the same today as I was last week and we should never be. The power of God is transforming, is ever-changing power, never to be the same again. It’s unimaginable.

There is also a freedom that is expressed through true worship. A spiritual freedom to praise and lift up the name of the King.

Psalm 9:1 – 2 NIV – I will give thanks to you Lord with all my heart. I will tell of your wonderful deeds. I will be glad and rejoice in you, I will sing the praises of your name O Most High.

Freely David confesses that he will speak of the Lord’s great deeds. He will not be restricted in boasting of his God. We should be boasting and truly be expressing our love for God.


Zahida Shaik Yusuf
Deacon, DGFC