(Apostle Deborah Bell, 
Lead Apostle, DGFC & 
DGAN Apostolic Network)

This article is not to pull the global Church down in any way. After all, we have enough of that, this has a specific context relating only to renegade ministries. I love the Church and believe with every fibre of my being that the local Church and its influence, is vital to our communities and society as a whole.

But the truth is, that we have far too many people in different areas of church ministry, including and perhaps especially in our affirming communities that leave their spiritual homes in rebellion and end up leaving the ministry eventually. Many disliking or even despising the Church as a whole after this.

(Please note: This is not at all referring to any context where people that have been forced to leave their churches because they are not accepted in their God-given sexual orientation.)

It is THIS type of renegade rebellious behaviour, that gives good ministries and long-standing, Spirit-filled ministries a bad name and we as Apostles & fivefold cannot continue to turn a blind eye to this when we have the power to effect change by bringing awareness.

Let me add this: many of these renegade ministries started off as well-meaning, sincere leaders of God (whom God loves very much), but who have over time, moved further away from their original purpose and intended calling, as they’ve ‘drifted’ away and become more isolated.

In my experience, it’s usually because there are things that they are not willing to change or let go of in their lives and regardless of godly counsel from their appointed legitimate overseers, they will not see or hear.

Yet, we know, God’s Kingdom is not divided against itself nor is Holy Spirit’s voice! Therefore, some of these ministries will eventually lead to cultic type behaviour:

Here are just some of the characteristics of lone ranger ministries without covering:

article-lone-ranger-2017-delusions1. Self-righteousness often accompanied by delusions of grandeur.

2. Their way is the only right way. This is because of the manipulation that always is a characteristic of renegade ministers and ministries.

3. They continually run other ministries down, to imply that everyone else has it wrong.

4. They refuse to be accountable to anyone but GOD (We’ve seen where these kinds of ministries end up), and they refuse to be under any healthy covering.

5. They manipulate people by riding on the emotions of people that have been hurt ‘hurt like they have been hurt’ by the Church.

6. They run down the doctrine of healthy ministries because they cannot contradict them and want people to buy into their ‘doctrine’.

7. Many don’t ‘cut’ it in their previous churches, (in terms of what they want or think that they are entitled to in their churches), and therefore wouldn’t submit to any guidance or leading needed, to be a servant, so they leave their spiritual home.

Or for some, they may not want to sacrifice anything further, all talk and no action. In other words, they compromise the Word of God because they refuse to change and grow, or they fear further healing they’ve needed to deal with, to be healed enough to do what God has called them to do.

So they leave their God-given spiritual home and somehow justify why they’ve needed to go elsewhere, or sometimes even to be the “saviour” to others that they feel have undergone the same ‘hurt’ as they have.

8. Various strongholds that are often operational in their lives, take a hold of them in greater measure. Things like envy, jealousy, Pride, rebellion, and rejection. This also happens when a bitter root forms from moving out of alignment with God and the House to which they are called.

At this stage, denial has already set in and they are not always even aware that blindness has set in as they refuse to see or walk in obedience to God in the submission of these areas.

article-lone-ranger-gracecardVery often they will use the ‘grace card’ to implicate that law instead of grace is being preached in former ministries they were involved in or with.

They then ‘over compensate’ and use grace in its broadest form to absolve themselves from any accountability. But grace is never without accountability Grace is being able to bring any wrongdoing before God acknowledging it, repenting of it, and having forgiveness from it!

Grace is not ‘a card’ to do what we like in the name of grace!

If we’ve hurt people through our actions, we need to show that our ‘sorry’ is sincere in our future actions. Grace is not a ‘once off’ mechanism for people and leaders to do what we like.

Paul says in the scriptures:

“All things are legitimate [permissible—and we are free to do anything we please], but not all things are helpful (expedient, profitable, and wholesome). All things are legitimate, but not all things are constructive [to character] and edifying [to spiritual life].” – (1 Corinthians 10:23 AMP).

Does God still love people / leaders that are in this ‘category’?

Absolutely, yes! God’s grace is sufficient for all of us, and God’s power is made perfect in our weakness, we learn this from Scripture!

The ‘big but’ is that when people go off on their own without proper Covering, they eventually and inevitably do fall off the proverbial bus.

One of the reasons this happens, is that whilst they may say and even think, that they’re being guided by Holy Spirit (which of course in part they are), they are their only ‘own’ measure and their woundedness causes them to make decisions out of hurt, selectively hearing Holy Spirt, with no other guidance, and if they’re starting a ministry out of that brokenness, this affects all those they might be leading. Sadly, it’s at this point that they are further blinded and more stubborn-hearted than ever because they don’t want to be proved wrong.

I always say to those in this position our arms are always open when you want to make right. It’s never too late. But very few ever make it back.

Their so-called ‘new’ ministries end up being more destructive in the long term than healthy and their doctrine becomes increasingly confusing and often contradictory to the Word of God.

article-lone-ranger-2017-halftruthBecause on one hand they speak part-truth but on the other, it’s contradicted by their rebellion and opposition to be in any agreement with previous teaching or ministries or relationships, so often the context of correct doctrinal understanding is then neglected.

Often some in this group, may lack the necessary training or in their previous churches, to actually lead an entire ministry and/or fully understand the functionality of dealing with people and their struggles because they’ve not dealt with their own issues, and just use the excuse to say “Holy Spirit will take care of it”.

That’s a cop-out and leads to chaos! God appointed leaders to guide.

By this time, a spirit of Pride has already taken hold and they go it alone…that is taking all the flock they have under their care with them in whatever direction that is, justifying it all along the way.

9. They then lose touch with the authentic moves of God because they’re not plugged into a Covering or healthy network and end up changing further doctrine to work around unhealedness and become even further misaligned because they’ve lost touch with what God is doing.
The supernatural is blended in with contradictory doctrine and eventually, there is spiritual death.

10. Their ministry becomes ‘counterfeit’. (Many may not see this because they’re in it and ‘trust’ their leader who is seen as someone to trust if leading a ministry.)
But because they’re not under proper leadership and teaching and they start to slowly go off course and they have no real understanding of what God is really doing.

So they take ‘key now words’ from other ministries “for the new season” which they try to piece together, which then becomes a ‘counterfeit’ of what God is doing because it isn’t authentic. It becomes old stale and dead very quickly and out of the timing of God.

11. Because they refuse to see and hear, they become blind to the truth and they skirt around the Scriptures developing their own doctrinal understanding which will always be an overcompensation because of ‘the hurt’ they’ve experienced and the unresolved issues not dealt with and often the way they’ve left a previous ministry.

(An example is using grace is when people try to use it to justify their wrongdoing.) All that does is just cheapen grace. Grace gives us the power to overcome our wrongdoing.

It always amazes me the ‘lone rangers’ that justify their antics by running other churches and groups down. It’s always the same pattern and any seasoned leader can recognize it.

This, in spite of the fact that they’ve never walked in the shoes (which have often walked many miles), of those they run down.

Many actually try to start churches or ministries without it being the will of God, the timing of God or with any accountability. They hold themselves accountable to God and God alone.

They have very little or no credibility and usually, they are followed by other ‘rebellious hurting sheep’ all for the wrong reasons, which at the time they think are the right reasons, because the enemy has sent them a delusion because they refuse to hear the truth.

You never build a ministry by running other ministries down. Or on a commonality of why you left another ministry.

article-lone-ranger-2017-cornerstoneYou build a ministry because God has called you to do it, and your leaders have confirmed it, and it is the right timing of God and you are sent with every blessing to GO and DO by your covering church!

You build a ministry on JESUS CHRIST as the cornerstone and with vision, good leadership and being directed by God under God appointed Covering.

I’ve written much on this topic in my blogs, and because we’re preparing for our SOZO 2017 Conference I won’t focus on this further but simply put it out there as I see various things brewing in the spirit realm which God has shown me and because I’ve seen the ‘casualties of war’ that come out of these ministries.

Words that are filled with bitterness and pride; and self-righteous actions that come from people who are unhealed and unyielded and very same spirit of rebellion and self-righteousness.

I can spot them a mile away… sadly they will not submit or surrender or yield to any credible organization.

They always will imply that they have got it right and others have got it wrong. That kind of self-righteousness, leads to ‘cultism’, that I’ll tell you for nothing.
They talk about not needing ‘titles’ when they have no understanding of the Fivefold and how it really operates according to God’s mandate, and it doesn’t take them long to illegitimately ‘self-appoint’ themselves into whichever office they believe they’re meant to be in.

People get led astray by skewed self-serving doctrine by which these leaders lead. They simply bypass the blind areas of healing necessary to be a functional ministry.

All packaged as “they’ve got it wrong, let me show you how it’s done”… until they start doing it, that is.

They start Works & Ministries, because of their rebellion pride and brokenness which they refused to submit surrender and allow themselves to be healed under the right covering, therefore they start, out of alignment with God.

They often end up closing down ministries when the going gets tough, or they move away from the Word of God and healthy theology because they either stand-alone or with others that are rebellious. Again I’m not knocking ministries that have had to close down for legitimate reasons this is contextual.

article-lone-ranger-2017-lonerangerIn my years of experience I can say that from what I’ve seen, eventually, it is the sheep that suffer and end up castaways! Then we wonder why so many in our LGBT community don’t trust some of our leaders… people broken, hurt and betrayed… through those that teach in error and think that they have the whole truth! Yet they won’t submit to any healthy credible covering.

So yes, I definitely have much to say on this.

I’ve seen it time and time again.

KNOW the WORD of GOD and TEST everything!

Friends, in talking from my experience and expertise from a ministry standpoint, when something is not ordained by God or in the timing of God, it is made of human origin and will not stand in the Kingdom unless it stands with the spirit that possesses it.

Just like the idols in the desert when the Israelites refused to wait for Moses to come down from the mountain and they built a golden Calf.
It cannot stand when it is built on a foundation of rebellion it will die spiritually if not physically.

It must always be started the way God ordained the Church.

Meditate on the below scriptures: 

1John 4:1
“Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

Acts 5:38–39
“Therefore, in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone! Let them go!

For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail.
But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these people; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.”

(Disclaimer: I’m not implying we’ve got it going and got it right, we are simply a part of God’s Body of Christ, one part of the many. I’m talking specifically about renegade ministries and lone rangers.)

Blessings and love

Apostle Deborah Bell
Lead Apostle, DGFC
DGAN Apostolic Network