devotional-david-newAs I sit here at a local coffee shop, I can’t help but notice the people around me.

There are ladies doing the mid-morning coffee catch-up; a group of cyclists taking a break from their riding; businessmen holding informal meetings, and the never-ending flow of fitness fanatics strolling past with eagerness and anticipation on their way to the gym.

It struck me that as humans, we all need to be a part of something. We get together with like-minded people, and we fulfil our roles because it gives us a sense of belonging. In fact, it adds to our sense of identity.

God calls us to belong, as well. To belong to a family of like-minded people, where we can share in each other’s joys, carry each other’s weights and problems, and work together to fulfil God’s plans.

In Numbers 10:11-28, we read how the Israelites travelled through the desert of Sinai, and how each tribe was divided into groups, and were responsible for transporting the Tabernacle of the Lord and all the Holy things.

The leader of each tribe knew what was required of them, in order to fulfil the will of God as instructed through Moses. Every person knew the tribe to which they belonged, and as such, knew their roles and responsibilities.

Every person had a purpose. Every person had a sense of belonging.

We know that in the Kingdom of God we can have that sense of belonging that we all want – a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves, a sense of being a part of something, and a sure knowledge that we are loved, accepted and valued – despite our differences.

You see, there was a person in that group that was not part of the Tribes of Judah – Hobab, the Midianite. He was Moses’s Father-in-law, and he was ready to walk away and return to his homeland, and to the ones he called his “own people”. But Moses had something important to tell him:

“But Moses said, “Please do not leave us. You know where we should camp in the wilderness, and you can be our eyes. If you come with us, we will share with you whatever good things the Lord gives us.” (Numbers 10:31-32 NIV)

Hobab had something to offer that was of value. Moses knew that Hobab’s knowledge and skills would be an invaluable asset to the Israelites, and as such, Hobab would share in the blessings that Moses knew God would pour out on the Israelites.

What a joy to know that the same thing applies to us even today. We may not believe that we have anything to offer that will benefit God’s Kingdom or God’s people – but we do. By being a part of a group of believers we have an opportunity to be part of something amazing.

A family who accept us, love us, give us a purpose, and help us achieve our God-given destinies. And in the same time, we reap the blessings that God longs to pour out.

Have you found your “tribe” – a Christian family that gives you that unshakable knowledge that you “belong?” If you are searching, reaching out, looking for unconditional acceptance – then you will receive all that when you find your Christian tribe. Believers who support you, assist you in times of need, encourage you when you need boosting, and celebrate with you when God’s blessings are lavished upon you.

Your tribe is out there – take the step and make contact – it can only be good.


David Dillon
Deacon, DGFC