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2 September, 2018

Live Service Replay – 2 September 2018

September 2nd, 2018|Featured Video, On-Demand Replays, Videos|

30 August, 2018

Trusting in the Unseen

August 30th, 2018|Devotional, Featured|

Trusting God is simply believing that God loves you, and knowing with every fibre of your being that God is a good God. Believe God wants the best for you, has the power to help you and that God wants to help you. As Christians, we are meant to be believers, but many times we [...]

29 August, 2018

Sweet Dreams are made of This

August 29th, 2018|Devotional, Featured|

One of the things I really enjoy is when God speaks to me out of the “blue” using some of the most unexpected sources. It can be through a friend, a social media post, an advert on the tv, and even a secular song. If you are a child of the 80’s, you are probably humming [...]

23 August, 2018

Pursued by Love

August 23rd, 2018|Devotional, Featured|

What would happen if you woke up tomorrow morning, turned on the news, and found that God had just said that everyone on earth was saved, and that hell no longer existed? If you knew for certain that no one would end up in hell, would you still tell people about Jesus? Would you still [...]

19 August, 2018

Live Service Replay – 19 August 2018

August 19th, 2018|Featured Video, On-Demand Replays, Videos|

16 August, 2018


August 16th, 2018|Devotional, Featured|

Are we living truly authentic lives, or do we play at church on a Sunday? Are we the good Christian on a Sunday, but walk out of church resorting to the ways of the world, and the old patterns of behaviour? We ask the Lord for forgiveness when we stumble. We cry out to the [...]

12 August, 2018

Live Service Replay – 12 August 2018

August 12th, 2018|Featured Video, On-Demand Replays, Videos|

9 August, 2018

Spiritual Fitness Through Jesus Christ

August 9th, 2018|Devotional, Featured|

Not so long ago, I had a conversation with a personal trainer. He said it's hard being a personal trainer, because when most people start off, there is a desire and self-motivation of wanting to lose weight or build muscle. However, when they go through a financial strain the first thing they cut loose is [...]

8 August, 2018

On Your Marks

August 8th, 2018|Uncategorized|

The last few months have been amazing with regard to the sporting arena: The various tennis opens, Formula 1, Super Rugby, and international athletics. Just look at how South Africa’s favourite athlete has been breaking world records recently. Wow! You go Caster Semenya! I had to ask myself – how much time do these people spend [...]

5 August, 2018

Live Service Replay – 5 August 2018

August 5th, 2018|Featured Video, On-Demand Replays, Videos|

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